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Theological education and ministerial training for the ordained ministry of theChurch of England, 1800-50
Park, T., Ph.D. (1990), Open University
A peculiar tramping people? Irish and long-distance British migrants in a northern English manufacturing town: Keighley, 1841-81
Schofield, R.A., Ph.D. (1990), Open University
The decline of infant mortality: Royal Leamington Spa, 1871-1910.
Baird, Gillian W., M.Phil. (1989), Open University
An investigation into the factors influencing infant mortality in Cholsey sub-district, Berkshire, 1892-1900.
Buckingham, Patricia A., M.Phil. (1989), Open University
An examination of the Halifax textile industry in a period of intense technological change, 1700-1850
Humphreys, Valerie, Ph.D. (1989), Open University (Donnachie, I.L.)
The contribution of John Pyke Hullah (1812-84) to music education in the Victorian era
Jones, E., M.Phil. (1989), Open University
A social and cultural history of shell-shock, with particular reference to the experience of British soldiers during and after the Great War
Leese, P.J., Ph.D. (1989), Open University (Waites, B.A.)
The teaching of science in English dissenting academies, 1662-1800
Lewis, O., M.Phil. (1989), Open University
Class, community and social relationships in two Worcestershire villages [Eastham and Upton Snodsbury], 1815-41
Maynard. , J.D.J., M.Phil. (1989), Open University (Marwick, A.J.B.; Rose, M.E.)
East India patronage and the political management of Scotland, 1720-74
McGilvary, G.K., Ph.D. (1989), Open University (Calder, A.L.R.; Riddy, J.)
The patronage of Cardinal Oliviero Carafa, 1430-1511
Norman, Diana, Ph.D. (1989), Open University
The foundation, maintenance and management of a free grammar school in S. Lancashire, 1520-1842
Percival, E., Ph.D. (1989), Open University
Ideology, education and social change in Latin America: a case study of Bolivia, 1930-53
Tattersall, N., M.Phil. (1989), Open University
Fertility control and population policy in Germany, 1910-28.
Usborne, Cornelie E.L., Ph.D. (1989), Open University (Bessel, R.J.; Emsley, C.; Thane, Patricia M.)
Educational broadcasting, 1923-50, with particular reference to education in citizenship
Anderson, Valerie A., Ph.D. (1988), Open University (Aldgate, A.K.)
The treatment of the aged poor in five selected W. Kent parishes from settlement to Speenhamland
Barker-Read, Mary, Ph.D. (1988), Open University (Wilson, K.P.; Chalklin, C.W.)
The Froebel movement and state schooling, 1880-1914: a study in educational ideology
Brehony, K.J., Ph.D. (1988), Open University
The Universalists: radical sectarianism, 1760-1850
Christodoulou, Joan P., M.Phil. (1988), Open University (Golby, J.M.; Harrison, J.F.C.)
The British press and the origins of the Cold War
Foster, A.J., Ph.D. (1988), Open University
Film, propaganda and the war at sea, 1939-45
Gilman, J., B.Phil. (1988), Open University (Aldgate, A.K.)