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Studies in marriage in the Roman world in the pre-Christian Roman empire
Noy, D., Ph.D. (1987), Reading
Aspects of the socio-demographic history of seven Berkshire parishes in the 18th century
Taylor. , S.W., Ph.D. (1987), Reading (Houlbrooke, R.A.)
The Italian Resistance movement in Piedmont, 1943-5, and its relations with the British.
Young, A.A., Ph.D. (1987), Reading
The Israeli Communist party and the Palestinian question, 1948-81: a critical study
Muhareb, M., Ph.D. (1986), Reading
The life and work of Sir Roger Pratt (1620-85)
Silcox-Crowe, N.W., Ph.D. (1986), Reading
Royal authority: the army and the maintenance of public order in France at the end of the ancien regime.
Batt, J., Ph.D. (1985), Reading (Hufton, Olwen H.)
Skyscraper property development in Chicago, 1882-92
Bonshek, J., Ph.D. (1985), Reading
The extent of agrarian change in the Vale of the White Horse between 1660 and 1760
Cottis. , Jane, Ph.D. (1985), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
Democratic socialism: a comparative study, with special reference to the British Labour party, the German Social Democratic party and the Swedish Social Democratic party, 1918-80.
Hamilton, M.B., Ph.D. (1985), Reading
Developments in secondary education, 1944-65, exemplified in the county of Berkshire
Hurst, J., M.Phil. (1985), Reading
Lord Clarendon and the diplomacy of the Crimean War
Raynor, J., M.Phil. (1985), Reading (Darwin, G.J.)
'An agricultural college on the Cotswold hills': the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and the origins of formal agricultural education in England
Tattersfield, B.K., M.Phil. (1985), Reading
Crime and the rural community in 18th-century Berkshire, 1740-89
Williams, R.J., Ph.D. (1985), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
A commercial and industrial elite: a study of Birmingham's upper middle class, 1780-1914
Ballard, Phillada D., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.)
Social protest, popular disturbances and public order in Dorset, 1790-1838
Bawn, K.P., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Smith, E.A.)
Epidemics and mortality in Great Yarmouth and Norfolk, 1560-1780
Edrich, R.C., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Wordie, J.R.)
An economic history of woodlands in southern England, 1700-1914.
Young, J.D., Ph.D. (1984), Reading (Collins, E.J.T.; Wordie, J.R.)
An analysis of the province of Bergamo under the Fascist regime, with particular reference to the economic and political effects of the world crisis.
Bull, A., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
The making of Liberal party policy, 1945-80
Burton, M.E., Ph.D. (1983), Reading
The mints and moneyers of Edward the Confessor
Freeman, W.A.D., Ph.D. (1983), Reading (Slade, C.F.)