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The British Army, 1922-1944: military thought and practice compared and contrasted.
Anglim, Simon, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
British Army conterinsurgency and the use of force in Kenya, 1952-56.
Bennett, Huw, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
Memory, meaning and Africa: historical analogy in Somalia, Rwanda and Darfur.
Brunk, Darren C., Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The role of public opinion in the formulation of British and French foreign policy, 1938-9.
Hucker, Daniel, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The Olympic Games and the issue of recognition: British and American perspectives, 1944-72.
Owen, Rachel, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
U.S. hegemony in European security: establishing and transforming the European security order, 1947-2002.
Schulz, Sabrina B., Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The construction of a triangle: new perspectives on U.S. Taiwan policy since 1949.
Tunsjo, Oystein, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
Leadership and European integration: a comparative historical analysis, 1955-7, 1969-73, 1990-7.
Vogt, Roland, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
Memory and mobility; representing Chinese exclusion at Angel Island Immigration Station.
Hoskins, Gareth, Ph.D. (2005), Wales
Spaces of history and identity at Ellis Island Immigration Museum.
Maddern, Joanne F., Ph.D. (2005), Wales
The pathologies of centralism: the Labour party in Wales to 1957.
Parry, Ted, Ph.D. (2005), Wales
Dyfodiad y rheilffordd i ganolbarth Cymru, 1845-70. (In Welsh medium.)
Rhys, H. Gethin, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (O'Leary, Paul)
Race, gender and wealth in a medieval Welsh borough: access to capital, market participation and status in Ruthin, 1312-22.
Stevens, Matthew F., Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Schofield, Phillipp)
Sanitary reform, civic politics and ideas of health in Wales, 1870-1900: with special reference to Swansea.
Roberts, Owen G., Ph.D. (2004), Wales (Jones, Aled G.)
British perceptions of the wartime oppression of non-Jewish nationalities under Nazi occupation, 1939-45: the Jewish Holocaust in context.
Rogers, Barbara, Ph.D. (2004), Wales (Rubinstein, William D.)
Welsh water for the Welsh? Birmingham and the exploitation of Welsh water resources in the 1890s.
Anderson, André, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Jones, Aled G.)
Crime, communities and authority in early modern Wales: Denbighshire, 1660-1730.
Howard, Sharon, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Roberts, Michael F.)
John Almon (1737-1805), journalist and publisher.
Leitner, Lynda L., M.Phil. (2003), Wales (Thomas, Peter D.G.)
Second World War Japanese atrocities and British minor war crimes trials: the issue of fair trial in four selected British minor war crimes trials in Malaya and Singapore in 1946-7.
Narayanan, Arujanan, Ph.D. (2003), Wales
A history of the police in N. Wales, c.1840-2000.
Birch, Henry K., Ph.D. (2002), Wales (O'Leary, Paul B.)