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The dynamics of Labour party politics in Swansea, 1941-64.
Evans, Dinah, Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Tanner, Duncan)
Imagining Wales: political and civil reactions to the modernisation of Welsh society, 1950-70. (Dychmygu Cymru: ymatebion gwleidyddol a sifil I foderneiddiad y gymdeithas gymreig, 1950-70.) (In Welsh medium.).
Wiliam, Mari E., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Tanner, Duncan; Griffith, William P.)
An edition of Aberystwyth NLW MS. Peniarth 164. (Golygiad o Lawysgrif Peniarth 164 (H) o Gyfraith Hywel Dda.)
Elias, Angharad, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
The politics of defamation in the reign of Elizabeth I.
Thomas, Heather J., M.Phil. (2007), Wales
The British Labour movement’s alternative economic strategy, 1966-83.
Morgan, David, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The Fitzalan earls of Arundel to 1415.
Greenhalgh, David C., M.Phil. (2003), Wales (Pryce, A. Huw)
The political dynamics of N.E. Wales, with special reference to the Liberal party, 1918-35.
Jones, Siân, Ph.D. (2003), Wales (Tanner, Duncan M.; Griffith, William P.)
Political change in N.W. Wales, 1960-75: the decline of the Labour party and the rise of Plaid Cymru.
Edwards, Andrew C., Ph.D. (2002), Wales (Tanner, Duncan M.; Jones, R. Merfyn)
Bureaucratic acceptance of citizenship in the voluntary sector, 1919-39: the case of the National Council of Social Service.
Adderley, Simon D., Ph.D. (2001), Wales (Tanner, Duncan M.; Brooks, J. Ronald)
Modernisation, policy debate and organisation in the Labour party, 1951-64.
Walling, Andrew D., Ph.D. (2001), Wales
Welsh cathedral chapters, 1100-1300.
Pearson, Matthew J., Ph.D. (2000), Wales (Pryce, A. Huw)
The management of change in the British Steel Corporation, 1967-89: an analysis of the management perspective.
Venn, Sally E., M.Phil. (1999), Wales (Jones, R. Merfyn)
The Roman Catholic Church and society in Wales, 1916-62.
Hughes, T.O., Ph.D. (1998), Wales
'Equal with the best abroad': French influence on English theatre music, 1660-85.
Tuppen, S.J., Ph.D. (1998), Wales
The dean and chapter of Salisbury cathedral during the English Reformation, 1529-63.
Coats, Peter G., Ph.D. (1997), Wales (Dyer, Alan D.)
The life and political significance of Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond, 1525-36.
Murphy, Beverly A., Ph.D. (1997), Wales (Loades, David M.)
The life, career and political significance of Margaret Pole, countess of Salisbury, 1473-1541.
Pierce, Hazel M., Ph.D. (1997), Wales (Loades, David M.)
The Berlin embassy of Lord D'Abernon, 1920-6.
Johnson, Gaynor L., Ph.D. (1996), Wales (Loades, David M.)
The economic and technological development of the slate-quarrying industry of Dyffryn Nantlle from the 18th century to the present day.
Jones, Gwynfor P., Ph.D. (1996), Wales (Griffith, William P.)
The 2nd Lord Penrhyn (1836-1907): a study of the Rt. Hon. George Sholto Gordon Douglas-Pennant, 2nd Baron Penrhyn of Llandegai.
Douglas-Pennant, Edmund H., M.Phil. (1995), Wales (Jones, R. Merfyn; Griffith, William P.)