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The role of the Cawdor estate and family in Carmarthenshire during the 19th century.
Davies, John E., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Howell, David W.)
Local government and road passenger transport policy in south Wales, 1930-70.
McCloy, Robert J., Ph.D. (2009), Wales (Williams, Chris)
The ironmasters, ironworks and people of the north-west Monmouthshire area, 1780-1850.
Davies, Thomas E., M.Phil. (2008), Wales (Miskell, Louise)
'To show where I came from': music and identity in south Wales, c.1958-2000.
Edwards, Rebecca J., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Williams, Chris M.)
Masculinity and the miners' strike, 1984-5.
Morgan, Steffan, Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Williams, Chris)
Welsh settlement in medieval Ireland, c.1170-1530.
Price, Roger T., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Rowlands, Ifor)
'Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord': puritan spiritual diaries and autobiographies in 17th-century England.
Vivian, Claire L., Ph.D. (2008), Wales (Spurr, John)
German prisoners of war in Britain in Britain, 1940-48: policy and performance.
Clarke, Gillian S., Ph.D. (2007), Wales
The life and career of Bishop Bernard of St. David's (1100-48).
Knight, Edward, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
The conjurer, the fairy, the Devil and the preacher: popular magic and religion in Wales, 1700-1905.
Tallis, Lisa M., Ph.D. (2007), Wales
The roots of pre-eminence: the economic fortunes and regional status of Cardiff, 1670-1875.
Watson, Richard, Ph.D. (2007), Wales
Diwyllio drwy hamdden: Astudiaeth o batrymau hamdden a diwylliant poblogaidd yn nhref Llanelli rhwng 1880 a 1914. (In Welsh medium.)
Lewis, Angharad, Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The household knights of Henry III, 1216-58.
Lightfoot, Kenneth W.B., Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The Lateran pacts and the debates in the Italian Constituent Assembly, with reference to religious freedom and the consequences for religious minorities, 1946-8.
Thomas, Huw M., Ph.D. (2006), Wales
Crime, law and order in Sicily and southern Italy during the Allied occupation, 1943-5.
Williams, Isobel K., Ph.D. (2006), Wales
The early days of British influence in south-east New Guinea.
Boore, Roger P., Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Dunthorne, Hugh L.A.)
'Savagery' and 'civilisation': the convergence of Europeans and Papuans up to the proclamation of the British New Guinea Protectorate in 1884.
Boore, Roger Pryse, Ph.D. (2005), Wales
Bronterre O'Brien, class and the advent of democratic anti-capitalism: the social and political ideas of Chartism’s 'schoolmaster'.
Maw, Ben, Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Thompson, Noel W.)
The administration of the Poor Law in Pembrokeshire, 1780-1880.
Morgan, Eric J.R., Ph.D. (2005), Wales (Howell, David W.)
American society and coded racism: from Nixon to Clinton.
Morgan, Rachel, M.Phil. (2005), Wales (Sarson, Steven J.)