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National authority in the United States: a study of concepts and controversy in Congress, 1870-5.
Spackman, S.G.F., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Brock, W.R.)
The career and estates of David, earl of Huntingdon (d. 1219), with an edition of the surviving charters.
Stringer, K.J., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Cheney, C.R.)
The rise and decline of the Yunnan army, 1909-25.
Sutton, D.S., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Twitchett, D.C.)
British foreign policy, 1907-9: the elaboration of the Russian connection.
Sweet, D.W., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Hinsley, F.H.)
Studies of Timoleon and the revival of Greek Sicily, 344-317 B.C.
Talbert, R. J. A., Ph. D. (1971), Cambridge (Finley, M. I.)
The end of imperial unity: British-Canadian relations, 1917-26.
Wigley, P.G.E., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Mansergh, P.N.S.)
Uruguay and British economic expansion, 1880-93.
Winn, P.E., Ph.D. (1971), Cambridge (Platt, D.C.St.M.)
The military orders in Habsburg Spain.
Wright, L.P., Ph. D. (1971), cambridge (Elliott, J.H.)
A survey of the effect of foreign influence on the introduction and development of modern science in China.
Conroy, R.J., M.Sc. (1970), Cambridge
The impact of tariff protection on Indian industrial growth, 1918-39, with special reference to the steel, cotton-mill and sugar industries.
Wagle, D.M., Ph.D., Cambridge (MacPherson, W.J.)
Business as usual: North Carolina and the secession movement, 1847-61
Wilson, D., Ph.D., Cambridge (Brock, W.R.)