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'The outskirts of empire': anxious government and state-building in the Punjab, 1849-c.1910.
Simpson, Thomas, Ph.D. (2012), Cambridge (Sivasundaram, Sujit P.; Kapila, Shruti)
Miracle and medicine in medieval Miracula, c.1180-c.1320.
Wilson, Louise E., Ph.D. (2012), Cambridge (Watkins, Carl S.)
Annalistic writing in Normandy, 'c'.1050-1225.
Alexander, Alison, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (van Houts, Elisabeth M.C.)
The British role in Argentine ranching modernisation and livestock biotechnology, 1830-1950.
Butler, Matthew E. Street, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Jones, Charles A.)
Dissent and identity in 17th-century New England.
Carrington, Charlotte, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Wood, Betty)
The Labour party and European integration, 1961-83.
Cotton, Christopher, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Lawrence, Jon)
Sokemen and freemen in late Anglo-Saxon East Anglia in comparative context.
Day, Emma S., Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Pratt, David R.; Smith, Richard M.)
The collecting and study of pre-Hispanic remains in Peru and Chile, 'c'.1830s-1910s.
Gänger, Stefanie M., Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Ramos, Gabriela P.)
Anglican clergymen in Australia and the British empire, 1788-1850.
Gladwin, Michael, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Thompson, David M.)
Histories of philosophy in England, 'c'.1650-1700.
Levitin, Dmitri, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Goldie, Mark A.)
British communities in late 18th-century Paris.
Macdonald, Simon J.S., Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Klein, Lawrence E.)
European colonialism in sub-Saharan Africa: the Germans, French and the British in Cameroon, 1884-1939.
Maderspacher, Alois, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Evans, Richard J.)
Sir John Fortescue on law and regal power.
Marcuzzi, Suzanne, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Stedman Jones, Gareth)
Ideologies of development and the British Mandate in Palestine.
Norris, Jacob, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (Harper, Tim)
The Aztecs through the lens of English imperial aspiration, 1519-1713.
Valencia-Suarez, Maria, Ph.D. (2011), Cambridge (O'Reilly, William)
Tracing warm lines: northern Canadian exploration, knowledge and memory, 1905-65.
Adcock, Christina M., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Bravo, Michael)
Prison writings of the English Reformation, 'c'.1530-1558.
Ahnert, Ruth R., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge
Teratology and the clinic: monsters, obstetrics and the making of antenatal life in Edinburgh, c.1900.
Al-Gailani, Salim S., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Hopwood, Nick D.)
Conflict and conversion on the Catholic missions of South-East Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries.
Alberts, Tara M.A., Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Laven, Mary R.)
American intellectuals and the idea of an 'Atlantic community', c.1890-1949.
Alessandri, Emiliano, Ph.D. (2010), Cambridge (Reynolds, David J.)