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The administration of urban society in Scotland, 1800-50, with reference to the growth of civic government in Glasgow and its suburbs.
Oliver, Sheila C., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (Maver, Irene E.)
Rule Britannia: an analysis of the propaganda which fuelled the wars of belligerent nationalism in Great Britain, 1719-39.
Thomson, Oliver C.W., Ph.D. (1995), Glasgow (Glassey, Lionel K.J.)
The Baltic provinces and the Russian empire: provincial privilege and imperial prerogative in the process of agrarian reform in Livland, Estland and Kurland, 1765-1849.
Bruns, Maureen P. Maguire, Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (White, J.D.; Hope, N.M.)
Trade, politics, perspectives and the question of a British commercial policy towards the German states, 1848-66.
Davis, John R., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Hope, N.M.)
The search for salvation: lay faith in Scotland, 1480-1560.
Fitch, Audrey-Beth, Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Duncan, A.A.M.; Kirk, J.)
Passwords to power: a public rationale for expert influence on central government policy-making - British scientists and economists, c.1900-c.1925.
Hull, Andrew J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Trainor, Richard H.)
The imperial eye: perceptions in British photography, 1850-70, of India and the Near East.
Lindsay, Alison J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Willsden, Clare A.)
Children under the care of the Scottish Poor Law, 1880-1929.
Macdonald, Helen J., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Crowther, M. Anne)
The town plans of Glasgow, 1764-1865: a history and cartobibliography.
Moore, John N., M.Litt. (1994), Glasgow
The Russian court chapel, 1796-1917.
Ritchie, Carolyn C., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow
The development of dentistry: a Scottish perspective, c.1800-1921.
Ross, Rufus M., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Maver, Irene E.)
The Scottish parliament, 1639-61: a political and constitutional analysis.
Young, John R., Ph.D. (1994), Glasgow (Macinnes, A.I.)
The integration of Jewish immigrants in Glasgow.
Braber, Bernardus M., Ph.D. (1993), Glasgow (McCaffrey, J.F.)
The Queen Margaret Settlement, 1897-1914: Glasgow women pioneers in social work.
Kendall, Catherine M., M.Litt. (1993), Glasgow (McCaffrey, J.F.)
Radicalism in Paisley, 1830-48.
Leitch, Archibald, M.Litt. (1993), Glasgow (McCaffrey, J.F.)
Relationships between Scottish universities and their communities, c.1858-1914.
Lloyd, Campbell F., Ph.D. (1993), Glasgow
Scott's of Greenock, shipbuilders and engineers, 1820-1920.
Robb, Johnston F., Ph.D. (1993), Glasgow (Slaven, Anthony)
The residences of potentiores in Gaul and Germania in the 5th-9th centuries.
Samson, Ross, Ph.D. (1993), Glasgow (Alcock, L.)
Public policy in the Scottish Highlands: government, politics and the land issue, 1886-1920s.
Cameron, Ewen A., Ph.D. (1992), Glasgow (Macinnes, A.I.)
The Shetland hand knitting industry, 1790-1950, with special reference to Shetland lace.
Fryer, Linda G., M.Litt. (1992), Glasgow (Macinnes, A.I.)