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The Minis family connection and Southern Jewish identity in the era of the American Civil War.
Block, Joseph, M.St. (2014), Oxford (Sexton, Jay)
Muslim penetration and imperial revival in 9th-century southern Italy.
Bondioli, Lorenzo, M.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Whittow, Mark)
Reactions to hypnotism in Britain, 1890-1914.
Bonney, Evan M., M.Sc. (2014), Oxford (Corsi, Pietro; Charters, Erica)
The representation of boxing in the press in Georgian England, 1800-30.
Bottiglieri, Daniel, M.St. (2014), Oxford (de Bellaigue, Christina)
Penality, violence and colonial rule in Kenya, c.1930-52.
Bourgeat, Emilie, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Deutsch, Jan-Georg)
Against a dark background: changing trends in the perception and understanding of virtual spaces in the United States of America, 1966-2014.
Bowman, Tobias D.K., M.Sc. (2014), Oxford (Johnston, Stephen)
The U.S.A. and Southern Rhodesia, 1953-69.
Boxer, Andrew K.A., D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Sexton, Jay; Tuck, Stephen G.N.)
For Christ and Germany: German Catholicism and the Second World War.
Brodie, Thomas, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Stargardt, Nicholas)
Why capital punishment has persisted in the United States, 1961-2011.
Brook, John H., M.Sc. (2014), Oxford (Fenske, James)
Empowering Edwardian youth: young liberals and junior 'imps', 1903-14.
Brook, Samantha N., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Paseta, Senia; de Bellaigue, Christina)
Conflict or cooperation? American influences on the development of British economic policy, 1973-9.
Burge, Joshua R.J., M.Sc. (2014), Oxford (O'Rourke, Kevin)
'This army will live, and live on': rethinking Civil War memoirs.
Byowitz, Suzanne B., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Goldman, Lawrence)
'Non est vera misericordia nisi sit ordinata': pastoral theology and the practice of English justice, 1100-1250.
Byrne, Philippa, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Kempshall, Matthew S.)
The outlaw in Icelandic law and literature.
Cahilly-Bretzin, Glenn M., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Abrams, Lesley; O'Donoghue, Heather)
Waists, health and history: obesity in 19th-century Britain.
Campbell, Sarah, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Humphries, Jane; Oxley, Deborah)
The obesity years, 1975-99.
Canepa, Alejandro, M.Sc. (2014), Oxford (Charters, Erica)
Constructing China: Bertram Lenox Simpson and 'the model district'.
Chen, Jiaxi, M.St. (2014), Oxford (Fogg, Kevin)
Franciscan voluntarism: the freedom of the will in the political thought of Peter John Olivi and John Duns Scotus.
Chen, Ziang, M.St. (2014), Oxford (Kempshall, Matthew)
Building the magic city: federal policies and promotion in the development of Billings, Montana.
Corning, Lillian B., M.St. (2014), Oxford (Thompson, Peter J.)
Masculinity and spirituality in Renaissance Milan: the role of the beautiful body in the art of Leonardo da Vinci and the Leonardeschi.
Corry, Maya, D.Phil. (2014), Oxford (Rosser, Gervase)