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IHR Summer School teaching staff


Teaching for the IHR Summer School brings together historians and researchers with a shared interest in the value and uses of 'History Now'.

Who teaches on the IHR Summer School?

'History Now' teaching is provided by the Institute's academic staff, selected Senior Research Fellows, its digital and publishing staff, and by leading historians who offer guest lectures and research master classes. The annual programme is overseen by the School's co-directors, historians Dr Philip Carter and Dr Hannah Elias from the IHR.

IHR Summer School academic co-directors

Our academic staff

The IHR's academic and training staff cover a wide range of research interests, from early medieval Europe to late 20th-century Britain. They're also experts in approaches to the past, including public history; history, truth and fake news; digital history; history and public policy; and history and co-production.

IHR historians will curate each day of the Summer School and lead the afternoon seminars, training workshops and 'History extra' sessions.

Our historical methods and training staff

The Institute is also home to staff members skilled in historical methods and training. They include specialists in digital tools, text analysis, digital and historical mapping, 3D imaging and printing, publishing and scholarly communications for historians. IHR technical staff will lead the afternoon training workshops.

IHR guest lecturers

Morning lectures and master classes will be delivered by specialist guest lecturers who are experts in the day's theme.

Further information on our lecturers for 2020 will be available shortly.

IHR Summer School administrative staff