NEW from 2024: the option to take the IHR London Summer School as a credit-bearing University of London module.

Students registering for the summer school may (for an additional fee) choose to take it as a credit-bearing module.

  • With the help of the staff they will be guided (in the month following the Summer School) to create a 5,000-word essay on a theme or topic brought forward in the School.
  • Once marked, the Summer School essay will constitute a full University of London 20-credit Master's-level module.
  • If the student subsequently registers for the IHR's MA in History, Place & Community these 20 credits will count towards  the complete degree, post-graduate diploma or post-graduate certificate.
  • Participation at the Summer School is not just an opportunity to meet the staff and learn more about the Institute, but can also be the start of a new postgraduate qualification!
  • The credits accrued can also be used towards other SAS Master's-level degrees and (under the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme) for Master's-level qualifications at other UK universities

Additional Information


For UK based applicants taking the IHR Summer School for credit, the additional fee is £320.

How to apply

If you wish to take the IHR Summer School for credit, you will need to email the following details to the IHR Summer School Administrator by the last day of your course at the very latest:

  • Your name
  • Your proposed essay title
  • Your proposed supervisor


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