IHR Wohl Library: update on services from 20 July 2020

From Monday 20 July, we are pleased to reopen a scanning and enquiry service for historical researchers at the IHR Library, subject to staff availability.

Library services from 20 July 2020

The IHR building is temporarily closed. However, we continue to serve and support the historical community, and to offer as many IHR services and resources as possible, as well as developing resources such as the guide to open and free-access research materials. We are also working with SAS and University of London colleagues to explore mitigations that may allow us to open in some form later in the year.

From Monday 20 July, we are pleased to reopen a scanning and enquiry service for historical researchers, subject to staff availability.

We aim to provide a limited, free copying and enquiry service, including for example:  

  • Scanning short sections 
  • Downloading records from electronic resources 
  • Help with looking up and checking references

Please note that this is a pilot service. We have a limited number of staff who can get into the IHR, so there may some delay in supplying materials.

  • Individual readers will only be able to order a limited amount of material, and we will usually only be able to provide copies up to article/chapter length. 
  • There will generally be a limit of 30 minutes to any reference enquiry work.
  • In general, we hope to supply materials within two weeks.
  • Materials may be unavailable due to copyright and intellectual property, conservation or other reasons. Materials held offsite are currently unavailable.  
  • Scans can be provided in Jpeg or PDF format. We can supply colour images if this is helpful.

Please email ihr.library@sas.ac.uk with details of your requirements. Copies will be for personal use only. Please enquire further if you require permission to publish.