What is History Lab Plus?

History Lab Plus is a national network, affiliated with the Institute of Historical Research, that supports early career historians (ECHs), both within and beyond academia, by providing access to training and networking opportunities. If you are in the latter stages of your PhD or are post PhD in any historical or related field, then History Lab Plus could be for you.

History Lab Plus is dedicated to inclusion, diversity and collaboration. 
We welcome all those who consider themselves Early Career Historians, whether in the latter stages of history or history-related PhD students, post-docs, teaching associates/fellows, permanent academic staff, those working outside academia or any other role post-PhD. 
We work in collaboration with the IHR, other historical societies, academics and professionals in other sectors to provide subject-specific support – especially in teaching, research, publishing, career development and collaborations. 

If you would like to find out more about HL+ and the events it runs, then follow us on Twitter @historylabplus or email the Chair of HL+ via sarah.holland@nottingham.ac.uk.

Key Information


Membership is free and open to all those in the latter stages of your PhD or post PhD in any historical or related field, whether working in or beyond academia.

To become a member, please email sarah.holland@nottingham.ac.uk

Current Committee

  • Chair: Sarah Holland (University of Nottingham)
  • Co-Chair: Sarah Wride 
  • Communications Officers: Becca Grose and Megan Yates
  • Diversity Officer: Coreen McGuire
  • General Committee Members: Kathy Davies, Mike Reeve, Marc Collinson, Lizzy Spencer
  • Regional Ambassadors: Liz Jones, Rebecca Watterson, Laura Flannigan, Lauren Thwenti, Adam Simmons

Contact History Lab Plus

To get in touch or become a member, please email: sarah.holland@nottingham.ac.uk