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IHR's Digital Collections

Digital Resources for historians are central to the IHR. We have a well-established reputation as a provider of digital resources and as a contributor to digital research

Resources and projects

The IHR is a provider of major research resources including British History Online, a library of nearly 1300 volumes of primary and secondary content. The Institute is also home to research resources such as the HLF-funded Layers of London.

Digital publishing

Our digital publications include the Bibliography of British and Irish History and Reviews in History, which provide up-to-date information on developments in historical writing and research.

We are also an advocate of Open Access publishing, especially for monographs and edited collections. A wide range of IHR publications are freely available to all as Open Access titles.

Digital sustainability

We have extensive experience in the digitisation of historical texts and images. The IHR's flagship digitisation project, British History Online, creates opportunities for the preservation of print and born-digital historical resources.

We welcome proposals for new content, either for digitisation from print or as born-digital following the completion of a research project, or the end of a fixed-term web-hosting contract.

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