Vincent Wright Bequest

Dr Vincent Wright (1937-99) made the IHR residuary legatee of his substantial collection of books on nineteenth and twentieth century French history. Vincent Wright was a historian of nineteenth-century France and a political scientist who ranged widely across western Europe, an ‘incomparable comparatist’, in the happy phrase of an obituarist. He spent most of his career at Nuffield College, Oxford, but must have come to know the IHR first in the earlier 1960s as a research student and later in the 1970s as a lecturer at the LSE. Alongside visiting professorships in Europe and America he was honoured by election as a Fellow of the British Academy in 1995.

Around 1,400 volumes from his library were received in 2000 and had been fully incorporated into the IHR’s collection by 2003–4, mostly housed within the French and Military History subject areas. The books have distinctive bindings, and each has a bookplate to indicate its provenance.

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