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This collection contains sources, bibliographical guides and reference works pertaining to the Crusades in the Middle East and the subsequent history of the Latin Christian states established there. 

The bulk of this collection concentrates on the first three Crusades whose period dates from 1095 to the fall of Acre in 1291. There is also material on the later Crusades of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Both Latin and Muslim perspectives are represented within the collection although the majority of the depictions of the campaigns come from the crusader side.

There are also documents on the crusading orders, such as the Knights Hospitaller, as well as a number of works on the island of Malta which housed the order between 1530 and 1798.

Arrangement of the Crusades collection

EU.0 Bibliography

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EU.1 Subsidiary Studies

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EU.2 Reference Works

Reference Sources

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EU.3 General Sources and Secondary Works


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EU.4 Crusading Campaigns

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EU.5 The Military Aspect of the Crusades

Military Crusades

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EU.6 Crusader Territories and States in the Eastern Mediterranean

Map of Territories

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EU.7 Other Regional Powers

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EU.8 Related Topics

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Electronic resources

A list of electronic resources available within the Institute’s library can be found here.

Related IHR collections

Material on the other important campaigns which have been dubbed as ‘crusades’ by historians, such as the activities of the Baltic crusaders, the Hussites, the Albigensian Crusade, and the Spanish Reconquista, can be found in the German, French, and Spanish collections. The Papal connection to the crusades is also covered in the Church History Collection with material on the Hussite heresy, the Council of Florence, and Papal letters concerning the Crusades. 

Related libraries and institutions

Senate House Library and Birkbeck libraries both have excellent history sections which cover the crusader period in some depth. The Warburg Institute Library has a large collection on Church history which would cover the theological approach that developed around the concept of ‘holy war’.

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