Economic History Collections

Find out more about the economic history collections in the IHR Wohl Library. We collect historical sources and guides to finding and using sources. This page shows examples from the collections.


Since its foundation in 1921, the library has collected works on many facets of economic history and anyone engaged in this field will find relevant items in many of the library's collections. Items within the our collections would be of particular use for anyone engaged in researching the economic history of Britain and Ireland; the history of international trade, especially the Hanseatic League, the Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie and the Dutch East India Company; and the history of Banking in Britain, Europe and the United States. What follows is a brief overview, showcasing a fraction of the resources you can consult in the library, as well as some useful links to other relevant libraries and archives.

Highlights from the Collections

Primary Industries (Food Production and Mining)


Mining and Mineral Extraction

Whaling and the Fishing Industry

Tertiary Industries (Financial and Services Sectors)

Banking and Finance


International Trade and International Commercial Relations

Online Resources

Please note that access to the majority of these resources is available onsite at the IHR, or offsite for staff and students of the IHR only. 


Other Collections

Within the IHR Wohl Library

Browse collection guides to find material relevant to your particular area of interest. All the library's national collections will have a significant amount of material about aspects of economic history. Additionally there will be relevant information in the following collections:

Other libraries, archives, organisations

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