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French History Collections

Find out more about the French History Collections in the IHR Wohl Library. We collect historical sources and guides to finding and using sources. This page shows examples from the collections.


The Library has extensive collections of French material, ranging from the history of the early Franks to modern France. There are strong local history holdings, as well as national material, making the IHR unrivalled as a source for French local history in Britain. The IHR's collections focus on primary sources, with supplementary guides, bibliographies, reference works and periodicals.

There are strong collections of chronicles, cartularies, editions of letters, political, legal and biographical works. Although there are extensive holdings on all periods of French history, the nineteenth century is particularly well-represented, thanks to a bequest from Vincent Wright.

Highlights from the Collections

Medieval France

We have a large collection of titles about medieval France. This sub-collection is divided into four sections: a general section covering French history from the sixth century to the fifteenth (shelf-mark EF.21), French history to 987 (shelf-mark EF.22), 987-1328 (shelf-mark EF.24) and 1328-1483 (shelf mark EF.27). Below is a selection of available titles:

To 987



From Renaissance to Revolution 1483-1789






Revolutionary and Napoleonic France 1789-1815

General Works

Letters and Memoires

Gender and the Revolution

Political and Legal Papers


The Church & Faith

Regional histories of the Revolution


France in the 19th Century 1815-1914

General Works and Themes

The Restoration and July Monarchy

The Second Republic

The Second Empire

The Third Republic to 1914

France since 1914

General Works and Themes

France 1914-1944

France since 1944

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