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This collection includes many general historical journals including The American Historical ReviewAnnales and the Journal of Medieval History. There is a large collection of bibliographies, archive guides and library catalogues as well as a selection of reference works and monographs. Other features of note in this collection include the works on general historiography and historical methodology, sources on the Holy Roman Empire and works on European university history.


E.0 Bibliography

E.1 General Historiography and Subsidiary Studies

E.2 Reference Works & Dictionaries

E.3 General Works

E.4 Works on the Holy Roman Empire (c.800 – 1806)

E.6 General Works (c. 476-c. 1500)

E.7 General Works (From c. 1500)

E.8 Works on European Universities (For Britain and Ireland see the relevant “B” collection)

E.9 General Periodicals