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Find out more about the Italian History Collections in the IHR Wohl Library. We collect historical sources and guides to finding and using sources. This page shows examples from the collections.


The IHR's Italian collection contains over 3500 volumes which cover early medieval Italian history to the present. While the collection's main focus is on primary sources, there are also many supplementary guides, bibliographies, reference works and periodicals. The IHR also has a good collection of archival guides for Italy, ranging from the State Archives to the archives of little-known villages and monasteries.

There is an extensive set of the Fonti per la storia d'Italia series (Medievale and Moderni e Contemporanea) and other collections of sources. There are strong holdings for regional material covering the city-states and kingdoms of Italy, as well as chronologically organised material for Italy as a whole. The collection is particularly strong on the histories of Venice, Florence, Milan and southern Italy and Sicily.

Highlights from the Collections

Guides to Sources

Reference Works

The collection has a large number of reference works, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and biographical dictionaries on open access. Periodicals are available on closed access. Examples from this section include:

Medieval Italy

The collection has strong holdings of Medieval Italian History (to c. 1494), including the full run of the Fonti Per La Storia D'Italia (classmark EI.23). Examples include:

Italy since 1945

The library has a growing collection of published primary sources on the history of Italy since 1945 comprising of diaries, editions of published letters and memoirs. Current strengths include Italy's post-war political  and economic history. Below is a selection of titles in this collection.

Online Resources

Please note that access to the majority of these resources is available onsite at the IHR, or offsite for staff and students of the IHR only.

Other Collections

Within the IHR Wohl Library

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Highlights from the Collection : Secondary Works

Bibliographies, Archive Catalogues and Guide to Sources


Historiography and Methodology

Below is a list show-casing some of the titles in the Italian history collection about Italian historiography and methodology. Also includes are works on memory and commemoration and how Italian history is portrayed in popular media.

Reference Works