Mexican History in the Institute of Historical Research

The IHR Library holds a wealth of resources on Mexican history, covering the period of the Conquest of Mexico up until the twentieth century. A range of sources, such as, treaties, diaries, autobiographies and letters, are included in English, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.












Spanish Conquest    





Colonial Period (1521 - 1810)   





  • More, Anna Herron, Baroque sovereignty : Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora and the Creole archive of colonial Mexico

Independence (1807 - 1829)     





The Mexican-American War    





The Porfiriato     








The Mexican Revolution (1910 -1920)    






Since 1945    











Electronic resources

A full list of our electronic resources is available on the E-resources page. Below are a few examples of resources that could be useful for this subject (most are available onsite in the IHR or via subscription only):




Other libraries, archives & organisations



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