Swiss History Collections

Find out more about Swiss History Holdings in the IHR Wohl Library. We collect historical sources and guides to finding and using sources.   


The collection for Swiss history is small compared to the other geographical collections in the library. But there are a substantial number of resources, especially for the history of Geneva, as well as a very comprehensive collection of bibliographies, and complete runs of periodicals such as Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte = Revue suisse d'histoire and Archiv für Schweizerische Geschichte from the mid-nineteenth century. The works are all being reclassified at present, highlighting lots of interesting material. The collection can be requested from our onsite store.

Research material for Swiss History can also be found in other parts of the library for instance within the Religious History collection, the International Relations collections and the Military History collections. Here you find, for example, works about Swiss mercenaries operating in the sixteenth century plus a handbook of the Swiss army from 1898 by the Intelligence Division of the War Office in London.