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The Welsh and Welsh Local Collections are research-level collections of historical primary sources, complemented with a range of periodicals and reference books such as bibliographies, archival guides and dictionaries. They cover periods of history from the early middle ages to the present day. The collection is divided into the Welsh (general) collection (BW) and the Welsh Local collection (BWL).

About the collections

  • The Welsh collections with classmarks BW and BWL are located on open access on the 1st floor in the Maurice Wohl Room. Folio-sized volumes (classmark BWW) are on open access on the 1st floor in the Foyle Room. See further information about how to request these items.
  • Together, they comprise almost 500 titles.
  • 85% of the Welsh collections are in English and the remainder is in Welsh and Latin. This includes some sources in Middle Welsh and Latin in the Medieval section (BW.2), which have an English translation.
  • Current periodicals include Archaeologia Cambrensis, The Welsh Journal of Religious History and the Welsh History Review.

Collection strengths

The Welsh collection is particularly strong in historical bibliographies and guides to sources (BW.02), which include the Bibliotheca Celtica series. Another strength of the collection is the county history section (BWL.3-4499) which is subdivided by county.

Related collections in the Senate House Libraries

Material of interest for the study of Welsh history can be found in the British collection (B); in particular where books cover both English and Welsh history. In addition, the SHL History collection includes the publications of some Welsh local record societies.

Other related collections

The IHR Welsh collections can be compared with the Welsh history collections in the libraries of Cardiff University, Trinity College Dublin, Oxford and Cambridge, although the IHR library is smaller in size and more geared towards collecting primary sources than these libraries.

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