HAP partners with Cardiff University - HAP24 event to be hosted in Cardiff (6 March, 2024)

A partnership of The National Archives, Royal Historical Society, and the Institute of Historical Research, ‘History and Archives in Practice’ (HAP) is where historians and archivists come together to consider shared interests in archive collections, their interpretation and use. 

History and Archives in Practice (HAP) is an annual event, building on its partners’ long experience of bringing archivists and historians into close conversation. Our first event ‘HAP23’ was hosted in March at the Institute of Historical Research exploring the theme ‘Collecting Communities: working together and with collections’. 

You can find out more and watch videos from the event via the following link: History and Archives in Practice,  2023.

From 2024 and beyond, HAP endeavours to partner with UK archives and institutions who similarly specialise in the bringing together of archivists and researchers. Each year we will draw on aspects of UK collections and emerging research being undertaken, integrating these into the annual event programme. This new format enables a formerly London-based conference to take place at archive centres across the UK.

With this in mind, and looking ahead to 2024, we are taking HAP across the nation and are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Cardiff University who will not only be hosting HAP24, but who will be collaborating with us in the planning and organisation of the day, showcasing their collections and the breadth of innovative and exciting research that is being undertaken across the institution and Wales itself.  


We are also delighted to share with you all the theme for HAP24, which  is ‘Historical Legacies: collecting history, historical collections and community voices’. 

‘HAP24: Historical Legacies’ looks to the future (through the past) to discuss the impact of legacies past, present, and future. The event provides opportunities to reflect on the durability of legacies (historical, physical, digital), the democratisation of history, and our collective responsibility in working with communities to ensure that our collections and our practices are rooted in co-creation and collaboration. 

Submission details

With co-creation and collaboration in mind, we now invite proposals for ‘History and Archives in Practice, 2024’ on this theme. 

We welcome submissions from historians, archivists, and heritage organisations alike. We are particularly keen to highlight and support smaller organisations, underrepresented collections, and marginalised voices as well as new and emerging research.

Please submit an abstract (300 words) by Friday 15 December 2023 using this form.

'History and Archives in Practice’ encourages a wide range of formats that best showcase a collection and the experience/lessons of collaborative working between archivists and historians on shared projects. Suggested formats include:

  • 20-minute papers
  • Interactive workshops
  • Full panels on a chosen topic (3-4 speakers with chair, 15-20 minutes per speaker)
  • Introductions to specific collections and their potential for historical research
  • Demonstration and handling sessions, introducing attendees to selected items from your collections, and their potential in research
  • Other proposals and formats for communicating activity, experience and research are also welcome as we look to move on from traditional conference models

If you have any questions at all, please email: research@nationalarchives.gov.uk