IHR press releases

DateTitle (PDF) 
18 January 2016The Layers of London: Mapping the city’s heritage 
10 September 2015British historians discuss the legacy of Magna Carta at conference in China 
11 December 2014School of Advanced Study makes digital history with new appointment 
17 June 2014Victoria County History announces new Director and General Editor 
2 April 2014Institute of Historical Research announces new Director 
14 Feb 2014Funding boost for SAS research in 'Big Data' transformation 
22 Jan 2014IHR project wins ‘big data’ funding to help historians access 200 years’ worth of international parliamentary proceedings 
23 July 2013Royal birth sparks interest in Connected Histories resource 
4 Nov 2011Launch of The History of Parliament online website 
2 Dec 2010Reviews in History publishes its 1,000th review
12 Oct 2010JISC funding for British History Online
23 Sep 2010IHR Winter Conference: Going to War, 1939-45
6 Sep 2010British History website reaches 1,000-volume milestone 
25 Nov 2009The 'Connected Histories' project 
29 July 2009Launch of the new Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) 
24 Mar 2009Conference of Chinese and British Historians in Beijing, 14th-19th April 2009 
11 Mar 2009Reviews in History: Reviews of Digital Resources 
18 Feb 2009Early English Laws: Research Project funded by AHRC 
5 Jan 2009A Knighthood for David Cannadine 
1 July 2008New Leverhulme Visiting Professor in Comparative Metropolitan Historyrtf file
7 May 2008New Director for the IHR 
19 Jun 2007Complete Calendars of State Papers to go onlinertf file
04 Jun 2007Hub for Contemporary British History to Strengthen City Linksrtf file
26 Apr 2007The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation awards a $1 Million Challenge Grant to the IHRrtf file
27 Apr 2006Award of US$900,000 for British History Onlinertf file
22 Feb 2006London's History Just a Click Awayrtf file
23 Jan 2006Londoners and the Law in the Middle Ages 
13 Sep 2005History in Schools and Higher Education: Issues of Common Concernrtf file
16 Aug 2005Peer Review and Evaluation of Digital Resources for the Arts and Humanitiesrtf file
02 Mar 2005Conference: Freedom of Information and Contemporary British Historyrtf file
22 Feb 2005£3M to fund England's Past for Everyonertf file