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On Monday 15th May, the IHR Library will host an evening dedicated to food history to coincide with the opening of a new exhibition, All the Right Ingredients: Food History Resources in the IHR, examining the history of food as revealed by the collections of the IHR Library.

Food has always held a significant role in history, shaping societies and influencing cultures and economies. However, it was only in the twentieth century that the study of food in history was incorporated into the discipline. Similarly, in relation to the IHR itself, food has always held a central role in the Institute with catering available in the Common Room, a formal Dining Club, and a dedicated Institute Tea Fund. 

This event, and the exhibition that it launches, aims to highlight how food history can offer new insights into historical narratives. A series of short talks from Matthew Shaw, Kelly Spring and Siobhan Morris will be followed by a drinks reception and the opportunity to browse the exhibition and view additional materials from the library’s food history collections and the IHR archive.

For further information please see the IHR Blog.