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Speaker: Dr. Lynne Walker, Senior Fellow, IHR

Well-placed Women: Gender and Space in Bloomsbury, 1872-1927

Bloomsbury is normally understood as part of ‘the masculine domain of modern, public, urban life’. However, from the perspective of the women who lived and worked there, this highly patriarchal terrain can be viewed as a site of women’s buildings and social spaces in the heart of the city. Associated mainly, but not exclusively with the Women’s Movement, middle-class women, such as Emmeline Pankhurst, Agnes and Rhoda Garrett and Mrs Humphry Ward, elided private and public spheres by ‘working from home’, developing social initiatives and architectural projects on their own doorsteps. Significantly, this strategy created new social spaces and identities which challenged the traditional division between the male domain of work and public affairs and the private female space of home. 

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