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This one day event seeks to bring together PhD students and ECRs interested in how the movement, citizenship, and ‘prospects’ of those with unseen, or invisible, health conditions have been historically controlled. The term ‘unseen’ can be interpreted as internal, hidden, or even transient forms of disease/disability, whether mental, physical, infectious or non-infectious.

Sessions include:

  • WIP: Impact of disease on the social structures of the Lower Mississippi Valley plantation kingdom
    Huw Batts (University of Cambridge)
  • ‘In an unfit state to be let at large’: the treatment of mental illness and the medicalization of divergent behaviour in the Royal Navy 1790-1830
    Catherine Beck (UCL)
  • WIP: Managing 'morally' and 'sexually' diseased crew on New Zealand's troopships in the First World War
    Jen Kain (IHR)
  • A ‘Deformed Creature’ and an ‘Unperfect Wretch’: Criminals and Visible Physical ‘Deformity’ in Early Modern England
    Jasmine Losasso (Exeter)
  • ‘Am I a good parent?' Risk perception and self-evacuation in post-Fukushima Japan
    Marie Weishaupt (Freie University Berlin) 
  • ‘Like Nothing on Earth’ The hidden enforcement of Typhoid Prevention in the British Army during the First World War 
    Simon Walker (Strathclyde)
  • Immunocapital: Power, Immunity, and Citizenship in the Antebellum Deep South
    Kathryn Olivarius (IHR)

Refreshments, lunch and a wine reception will be provided. We hope to offer a number of bursaries to assist with travel costs.