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As part of the Being Human Festival 2017 and in collaboration with Historic England the Institute of Historical Research presents:

Buried treasure: The wreck of ‘The London’

In 1665 The London exploded and sank off Southend, concealing herself for centuries on the estuary bed. Her wreck was found in 2005, revealing a hidden history of early modern life. Join an immersive evening, exploring food, drink and ballads from the time of The London. Plunge beneath the waves in a virtual dive of the wreck, and see her glow in digitally mapped projection. Fill a pipe, knot rope and interact with artefacts. Meet the archaeologists bringing The London to the surface and bringing to life the warship which carried Charles II to England during the Restoration.

Speakers: Historic England (TBC)

This event is free to attend but advance registration is required.

Lecture: 18:00-19:30
This lecture will be followed by a small wine reception