Dr Herbert Eiden

Dr Herbert Eiden studied history, philosophy and politics at Trier (Germany) and Stirling. He took his MA and PhD under the supervision of Franz Irsigler at Trier. His PhD on the English Peasants' Revolt of 1381 was published in 1995 (in German). Some of his findings on the Revolt in Essex and Norfolk have been presented to English speaking audiences in three articles published in History 83 (1998), in the English Historical Review 114 (1999), and in a volume of collected essays (Festschrift for Stuart Jenks, 2008). He assisted with the editing of VCH Essex Volume XI (2012), to which he contributed articles on 'The Resorts between the Wars' and 'The Resorts 1945 to c. 1970'. For Volume XII he is researching the history of the parishes of Great Holland and Little Holland. His main interests are medieval and early modern social and economic history. Before he joined the VCH Essex in 2003, he worked as a research fellow in projects on the history of money (1250-1750), the history of witchcraft (1550-1700), and the history of international trade fairs (1250-1550). He has published a range of articles in these fields and edited a volume of an international conference on witch-trials. He also taught medieval history and 'Geschichtliche Landeskunde' (regional historical studies) at the University of Trier, and undertook postgraduate teaching at the University of Essex and the Institute of Historical Research in London.