In the IHR #OurCentury year, the IHR will partner with a number of different organisations to bring you IHR Centenary Partnership Events.

We are delighted to partner on these events which will run right across the IHR Centenary year, from July 2021 to May 2022.

All of these events approach history in imaginative and creative ways: addressing urgent challenges, discovering or amplifying marginalised stories, promoting inclusivity, engaging diverse communities, and informing and inspiring the next generation of historians.

They all reflect the IHR Centenary mission of thinking back and looking forward, focused around our Centenary aims, to:

  • Celebrate the discipline and practice of history, in all its forms and wherever it is found, and its contribution to public life in the UK and beyond
  • Reflect on the past century and practices of history over the past hundred years, and open a conversation about the future of history over the coming century
  • Think critically about untold, marginalised and invisible histories over the past century
  • Promote more inclusive, diverse and engaged histories and historical practice
  • Involve diverse participants and communities in making history and making history’s future