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Historians across Boundaries: collaborative historical research

An interactive series, designed to help bring together researchers interested in the past, whatever their backgrounds or particular research focus. We want to share best practice and work out how we can encourage greater collaboration.

Nick Barratt (Open University, Community Archives and Heritage Group, and Family History Federation), Else Churchill (Society of Genealogists), Jackie Depelle (Yorkshire Group of Family History Societies), Mike Esbester (University of Portsmouth), Tanya Evans (Macquarie University) , Laura King (University of Leeds), Julia Laite (Birkbeck, University of London), Natalie Pithers (Genealogy Stories) and Mary Stewart (British Library Oral History; Oral History Society).

About the seminar

Different groups of historians work in similar ways, often on the same sources, inside the same buildings towards similar goals: a deeper understanding of the past. However, they are frequently unaware of each other, or deliberately distanced. Conversation and especially collaboration are the exception rather than the norm. How much do we all lose as a result?

This series will promote awareness of existing research in different fields and explore how we can embed collaboration into our future research. 
Sadly professional and sector boundaries still exist and impede collaborative research. This series therefore attempts to dissolve these boundaries. It will provide a forum for historical researchers of all flavours to come together, share practice and set an agenda for future collaboration. 

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