The World in a (Historic) House: global connections and collections

New for 2021, this seminar connects academics and heritage professionals working on the global and imperial dimensions of the historic house. 

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Ben Cowell (Historic Houses), Elisabeth Grass (University of Oxford), Andrew Hann (English Heritage), Tara Innis (University of West Indies and Caribbean Heritage Network), Catherine Leonard (International National Trusts Organisation), Louis P. Nelson (University of Virginia) and Kate Smith (University of Birmingham).

About the Seminar

This seminar disrupts conventional ‘treasure house’ narratives which have dominated historic house studies, and engages with a growing body of work that places these spaces in their global and imperial contexts.

With convening institutions from the Caribbean, UK and US, as well as heritage institutions with a domestic and global reach, the seminar will connect heritage professionals and researchers working on these topics. 
Topics include:

  • Architectural legacies
  • Links between domestic and industrial space
  • Collections and decolonisation
  • Contested objects and memorials
  • Transatlantic slavery and the built environment
  • Labour
  • Wealth and inheritance
  • Ecological impacts

We provide a welcoming environment for ECRs, established academics, heritage professionals and heritage sector volunteers, whilst encouraging active audience participation and debate.

Call for papers to follow later in 2021.

Queries about the programme or seminar can be directed to the seminar convenors.

Image credit: Rose Hall, the estate house of a former sugar plantation, in Jamaica.

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