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Adam Chapman

Dr Adam Chapman is Lecturer in Medieval History & Victoria County History (VCH) Editor

Adam is principal editor for the VCH, based at the Institute, and also teaches on the Institute's MRes and PhD programmes.

Institute roles

Adam specialises in the history of Wales and England from the thirteenth century to the fifteenth. His research interests include the cultural effects of war on medieval society, the development of the medieval landscape, and tracing the lives and careers of individuals through documentary records. He is also interested in the development and application of new technology to historical and archaeological research. He has published on the role of Wales and the Welsh in later medieval England.

He is a tutor on the MA in History, Place & Community and is convenor of the Historic Places: Landscapes, Buildings & Significance module.

Adam is also a section editor for the Bibliography of British and Irish History for England 1000-1500.

Networks and collaborations

The Soldier in Later Medieval England, 1369-1453

Who's Who at Agincourt - website and blog with Professor Anne Curry



Welsh Soldiers in the Later Middle Ages, 1282-1422 (Woodbridge, Boydell & Brewer, 2015)


'The posthumous knighting of Dafydd Gam', Journal of Medieval History, 43 (2016), 89-105.

‘The King’s Welshmen: Welsh involvement in the Expeditionary Army of 1415’Journal of Medieval Military History, 9 (2011)

Book chapters

‘Henry Griffith, a “Man of War" in ‘Gwalch Cywyddau Gwŷr’: Essays on Guto’r Glyn and Fifteenth Century Wales  ed. B.J. Lewis and D.F. Evans (Aberystwyth, 2013), part of the AHRC-funded ‘Guto’r Glyn Project

Adrian R. Bell, Adam Chapman, Anne Curry, Andy King and David Simpkin, ‘The Soldier in Later Medieval England: An Online Database’, in A.J. Villalon and D. Kagay (ed.) The Hundred Years' War: New Perspectives III (Brill, Leiden, 2011)

‘Rebels, Uchelwyr and Parvenu – Welsh Knights in the Fourteenth Century’, in The Soldier Experience in the Fourteenth Century, ed. A. Curry and Adrian R. Bell with A. Chapman, A. King and D. Simpkin (Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2011)

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