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Agata Zielińska

Scouloudi Fellow, 2019-20

Agata Zielińska is a medieval historian. As a Scouloudi Fellow, she is completing her PhD entitled ‘Territorialization, the Papacy, and the Institutions of the Polish Church, 1198-1357’ at University College London.


Agata's research

Agata completed her BA in History and MA in Medieval and Renaissance studies at UCL, as well. Her thesis explores the cooperation and competition between religious and lay institutions in early medieval Poland, tracing their co-determination and development. 

Her research interests lie in the workings of ecclesiastic institutions, particularly the papacy and its employment of legates and nuncios throughout Latin Christendom. Agata is a convenor of the UCL Interdisciplinary Medieval and Renaissance Studies (IMARS) and the IHR's London Society for Medieval Studies (LSMS) seminar series.  


‘Remembering how to fast in medieval Poland: the papal legate Jacques Pantaléon on regional and ethnic particularity’, Reading Medieval Studies, 45 2019 (forthcoming) 

Review of Nowakowska, Natalia (ed.), Remembering the Jagiellonians (London: Routledge, 2019), in The Royal Studies Journal, VI (2019)