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Michael Symes

Michael Symes is a course tutor on the IHR's MA in Garden and Landscape History

Michael is a specialist in the history of eighteenth-century English gardens; for the IHR he teaches modules on the Georgian period and the picturesque.

Michael's teaching and research

Michael is a historian of eighteenth-century gardens, with research interests in British and European gardens and cultural connections in this period.  For the MA programme, he teaches courses on eighteenth-century gardens and the the Picturesque (in relation to Georgian gardens).

Michael is a member of a number of historic garden organisations, including the Painshill Park Trust, The Gardens Trust, London Parks and Gardens Trust and the Carshalton Water Tower Trust. 

His publications include: A Glossary of Garden History (Shire, 1991 and subsequently); Mr Hamilton’s Elysium: The Gardens of Painshill (Frances Lincoln, 2010); The Picturesque and the Later Georgian Garden (Redcliffe Press, 2012); The English Landscape Garden in Europe (Historic England, 2016); and The English Landscape Garden: A Survey (Historic England, 2019).