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Sasha Rasmussen

Scouloudi Fellow

Sasha is a cultural historian working at the intersection of gender and sensory histories, and is currently in the final year of her DPhil – Sensory History and ‘Modern Women’ in Paris and St Petersburg 1900-1913 – at the University of Oxford.

Sasha's research

Her doctoral thesis offers a first exploration of the sensory dimensions of femininity, through the experiences and perceptions of women living in Paris and St Petersburg in the early twentieth century, broaching questions of subjectivity, identity, and embodiment. Across four case studies, she argues that gender was pivotal in making sensory experience meaningful: a woman’s sensory world differed markedly from that of a man, not least because her means of interpreting and assigning meaning to her experiences were framed by expectations of femininity. Spanning topics such as fashion, consumer culture, musical encounters, photography, perfume and cosmetics, her thesis illustrates the ways sensation inflected women’s lives and shaped their experience of the urban landscape. 
More broadly, Sasha’s research interests include women’s history; the sensory and spatial turns; histories of the body, sexuality, and emotions; material culture; music and dance. She holds an MA, a BA(Hons), and a BA/BMus in History and Classical Performance, all from the University of Auckland in Aotearoa New Zealand.