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Yasmina El Chami

Scouloudi Fellow (6 months)

Yasmina is an architect and a final-year PhD Candidate in the Centre for Urban Conflicts Research (UCR) at the University of Cambridge. She holds a B.Arch (2010) with a minor in English Literature from the American University of Beirut, and an M.Phil in Architecture and Urban Design from the Architectural Association in London (2013).

Yasmina's research

Yasmina’s work examines the intersections of colonial and imperial histories with the production of architecture and the built environment. Her doctoral dissertation explores the role of competing missionary educational institutions in the nineteenth-century urbanisation of Beirut. It contends that missionaries constituted covert colonial actors, harnessing complex local and imperial networks towards the construction of their institutions. The dissertation therefore argues for an expanded understanding of architectural history that takes into account the multiplicity of spatial, material, aesthetic, and discursive ways in which architecture expresses histories of conflict and power. 

Prior to beginning her PhD, Yasmina worked as an architect in various practices in Beirut, and taught design studios and theory courses at the American University of Beirut and the Lebanese American University. At Cambridge, she was co-editor of the 28th issue of Scroope: The Cambridge Architecture Journal, and lead organiser of the symposium: 'Conflicted Narratives, Future Trajectories' (Sep 2019). 


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