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'Co-production and collaboration in the archive'

The 2020 Aylmer Conference -- held in March 2020, and co-organised with The National Archives and the Royal Historical Society -- explored the theme of 'Co-production and collaboration in the archive'. How do archivists and historians work best together?

The 2020 Aylmer Conference (held on 11 March 2020) took as its theme ‘Co-production and collaboration in the archive’. Through the day we discussed, analysed, and learned from, a range of collaborative projects—as seen from the perspectives and experience of archivists, historians and community practitioners.

Listen to the four panel discussions from the full-day conference, recorded by The National Archives.

The day was structured around three elements relating to the 'Structure', 'Practice' and 'Value' of co-production and collaborative work. These three areas enabled us to consider the ‘life cycle’ of a range of co-produced projects: from origins and planning, to their operation, to lessons learned, and value added once a project is completed.

In addition to these themes, we posed (and asked speakers and attendees to address) three key questions for the day: ‘what is co-production’; ‘when is co-production most effective’, and ‘what implications does co-production have for the value and ethics of research?’

The annual Aylmer Conference, for historians and archivists, is organised by the IHR, the Royal Historical Society and The National Archives.