The Future of the Past roundtable

Melissa Terras (UCL); Adam Farquhar (British Library); Torsten Reimer (JISC) and others
20 March 2012

also featuring Tim Hitchcock (Hertfordshire) reading for Andrew Prescott (KCL); chaired by Richard Deswarte (History Data Service); and first response by Lorna Hughes (Wales).

This session was streamed live at 5.15pm GMT on 20 March 2012 from Senate House, London. 



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Time location in video/audio for each presentation:

Part 1

Andrew Prescott  00:01:40

Melissa Terras     00:11:58

Adam Farquhar    00:23:46

Torsten Reimer    00:42:44


Part 2


Lorna Hughes       00:56:23

Q&A discussion    01:07:24


Video Part 1


Video Part 2



Andrew Prescott 

Tim Hitchcock 

Melissa Terras 

Adam Farquhar 

Torsten Reimer 

Lorna Hughes

Richard Deswarte  


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