Is history really for all? Or only for some?

Who does history and how? Indeed – what ‘counts’ as history?

These are some of the big questions for the ‘Historians across Boundaries’ series. We want history to be for everyone – but what gets in the way of that? And most importantly – how do we make things better?

In this first session we want to set the scene for the following sessions. To be as collaborative as possible, we start our series not with ‘big names’ or ‘authorities’, but with YOU – the participants. As organisers we will say a few words by way of introduction, but we really want this to be a discussion, amongst equals. We each bring our own expertise to the session, and sharing that will help all of us.

We’ll suggest a number of ‘big questions’ to see what you think – and indeed, we want to know what your ‘big questions’ are. Some of our initial thoughts include:

  • Whose stories are we telling? And whose aren’t being told? Why?
  • Who does history belong to?
  • What use is academic history to local and family historians? And vice versa?
  • How have you overcome barriers to research?

We’ll use these questions and conversations to help shape the rest of the ‘Historians across Boundaries’ series and to try to work on some practical steps to make it easier for all types of historical researcher to collaborate.

We want to recognise expertise in historical research (widely defined) wherever it lies. In this spirit, we warmly invite you all to participate in our series – we want to learn from each other and jointly find a better way of working.

IHR Partnership Seminar seriesHistorians across Boundaries: collaborative historical research