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History in Conversation: 'History and gender equality', with Helen Pankhurst

Episode 4 of the History in Conversation podcast, hosted by Liam Cunningham.

In this episode, IHR Director Professor Jo Fox speaks with Helen Pankhurst about her for gender equality in politics. Helen is the great granddaughter of the suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst, and the author of Deeds not Words: The Story Of Women's Rights Then And Now (2018). Jo spoke to Helen ahead of an event  at the IHR February 2018 to mark the book's publication.

In this recording, from February 2018, Jo Fox speaks to Helen Pankhurst about her work in development and as a campaigner for gender equality. Helen visited the IHR on the centenary of the granting of the vote to women in British elections. Helen later spoke about her new book, Deeds not Words: The Story Of Women's Rights Then And Now which was published that month.

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