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History in Conversation: 'Why History Matters', with Justin Champion

Episode 3 of the History in Conversation podcast

In this episode, IHR Director Professor Jo Fox speaks with Professor Justin Champion about the value and importance of history in a post-truth era. The interview was recorded in April 2018 when Justin took part in an IHR event on 'History and Fake News'.

Justin, who sadly died in June 2020, was a great friend and supporter of the IHR and he will be greatly missed by all connected with the Institute. 

In this recording, from April 2018, Jo Fox speaks to Justin Champion about the value of history, the importance of historical knowledge and the need for academic historians to take their work well beyond classrooms and seminars.

Justin sadly died in June 2020. He was a great friend of the IHR and held in great esteem by colleagues and students at Royal Holloway where he taught. We hope this recording conveys some of Justin's intelligence, humour and fierce campaigning spirit that will be missed by so many.

The interview begins with an Introduction from Jo Fox, recorded in July 2020, which sets their conversation in context. In her introduction Jo refers and quotes from Justin's article, 'What are historians for?', which was published in the IHR's journal Historical Research in 2008. The article is freely available here.

This and other episodes from 'History in Conversation' are available via your chosen podcast provider and also via Soundcloud.