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Speakers: Vanessa Ansa and Damali Ibreck (London Unseen)

London Unseen is a season of heritage trails, tours and events that have been taking place in London since July. The season, part of the Mayor of London's Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm has aimed to amplify London's hidden community histories, broaden audiences and provide much needed support for community heritage practitioners. Work has included creating a network of peers, providing training and support whilst delivering an ambitious programme of public engagement. Almost in its final month, London Unseen’s producer / curators Vanessa Ansa and Damali Ibreck discuss the ups and downs of sharing multiple community histories that are bound in London's architecture and landscape. Join us to hear some of these incredible histories, learn about the people unearthing them and consider the difficulties encountered and contribute to the hopes and plans for the future of this work. 

IHR Seminar SeriesPeople, Place and Community