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New Approaches to Material Culture in Historic Houses: Miskito Indigenous Cultures, Mahogany and Environmental Futures

Recorded on 9 June 2022

Using Material Culture in Historic Houses to Unlock New Research Perspectives and Methodologies: Miskito Indigenous Cultures, Mahogany and Environmental Futures.

Hannah Cusworth is the PhD researcher on the AHRC-English Heritage/Historic England CDA ‘Mahogany, Enslaved Africans, and Miskito Indigenous Peoples at Chiswick House, Kenwood and Marble Hill, London’.

Professor Joy Porter is Co-PI of the Treatied Spaces Research Group which brings together researchers, collaborators and partners from around the world including academics, Indigenous groups, museums, activists, artists, NGOs and policy-makers with the aim of making Indigenous treaties and environmental concerns central to global debates across disciplines. She is the principal supervisor of Hannah’s AHRC-English Heritage/Historic England CDA.

Professor Laura Herlihy is a lecturer in Latin American & Caribbean Studies at the University of Kansas. She is one of a small number of North Americans who speak and teach the language of the indigenous Central American Miskitu people.  There are about 200,000 Miskitu in Honduras and Nicaragua. Professor Herligy has published on women’s power, gendered violence and Honduran Bay Islands foodways.