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The Venetian interest in Moorish Spain and its impact on sixteenth-century Italian gardens

Recorded on 4 November 2021

Speaker: Christopher Pastore (University of Pennsylvania)

This paper will present a series of Venetian encounters with the Islamic landscape, its built environment, and a number of magnificent gardens that captivated Venetian travellers and members of the elite class of villa owners. It will then examine how interest in these gardens subsequently influenced Renaissance landscape designs and perhaps also modified the provisional rational underpinning a new approach to the agricultural territories of the early modern Veneto.

Christopher Pastore is the Associate Director of Humanities and Social Sciences Programs at University of Pennsylvania’s College of Liberal Arts and a Lecturer in the History of Art department. He is the Director of the Master of Liberal Arts program and leads seminars in Visual Studies in topics ranging from Digital Art History to Gardens and Landscape Architecture. He received his Ph.D. in the History of Art from Penn with a dissertation that explored villa ideology in the early modern Veneto. His publications include studies of allegories and gender identity, garden aesthetics and Renaissance theory, and the influence of the Islamic world on Venetian gardens. He is slowly revising a manuscript on Sixteenth Century Italian villa culture tentatively titled Cultivating Antiquity

IHR Seminar SeriesHistory of Gardens and Landscapes