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Wiltshire Victoria County History Volume 20 - completing a Red Book in difficult times and making new links with local communities

Recorded on 5 June 2024

Speakers: David Moss (Wiltshire Victoria Country History), James Holden (Wiltshire Victoria Country History), John Chandler (Wiltshire Victoria Country History)

After a sudden loss of external funding in 2014, Wiltshire VCH has had to find new ways to carry forward its work. The result has been inevitably hand to mouth but it has produced rewards as well as challenges, and we have succeeded in making substantial progress. In this seminar we aim to describe our approach across the range of funding, research and writing in order both to give insights which other counties may find helpful and also to provide opportunity for us to learn from our colleagues elsewhere. Part of our revised approach has involved working with local history groups on parallel research, producing wider and differently-focussed information for publication in a variety of ways in the local community. We want to share this experience as well, with a broader look at the use of volunteers, so that again we can hope both to give and receive knowledge.

David Moss is the Chair of the Wiltshire VCH Trust. James Holden is a Trustee and Chair of the Wiltshire VCH Project Group. John Chandler is Consultant Editor for Wiltshire VCH. 

IHR Seminar series: People, Place and Community