17 Nov 2016

Geyl and World War I

Leen Dorsman (Utrecht University)
17 Nov 2016

Pieter Geyl as a Public Intellectual in Postwar Europe

Remco Ensel (Radboud University of Nijemegen)
17 Nov 2016

Pieter Geyl and the 18th Century

Reinier Salverda (University College London / Fryske Akademy Leeuwarden)
17 Nov 2016

Pieter Geyl the Napoleonist, For and Against

Mark Hay (King's College London)
17 Nov 2016

Pieter Geyl and his entanglement in German Westforschung

Alisa van Kleef (Univerrsity of Bonn)
8 Nov 2016

The Inaugural London Journal Lecture - London at War and Peace: Crisis and Reckoning, 1702-1951

Professor Jerry White (Birkbeck, University of London), Introduction by Professor David Green (Kings College London), Concluding remarks by Professor Matthew Davies (Birkbeck, University of London)
21 May 2016

1926 General Strike, 90 years on

Ian Birchall, Sue Bruley, Darryl Leeworthy

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