Core support for the project is provided by the Royal Historical Society and the Institute of Historical Research.

Prior to the partnership with Brepols and the launch of BBIH at the start of 2010, the online Royal Historical Society Bibliography was supported by grants from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (previously the Arts and Humanities Research Board) Resource Enhancement Scheme award APN15510.

The intensive six-year project which produced the first electronic edition (published on CD-ROM in 1998) was made possible by a major grant from the Leverhulme Trust and by support from a number of other bodies including the British Academy.

Other supporters included the Andrew W Mellon Foundation, the Esmée Fairbairn Charitable Trust and the Isaac Newton Trust.

Editors of contributory works

Project team for RHS Bibliography of British and Irish history, 1997-2009 (published online 2002-9):

Dr Ian ArcherGeneral Editor1999-2009
Jean AttreeWebsite Maintenance and Development Officer2002-3
Simon BakerAssistant Project Editor2004-9
Martin CookWebsite Maintenance and Development Officer2004-8
Dr Austin GeeGeneral Editor of the Annual Bibliographies1995-2002
Helen GlassAssistant Cataloguer2007-9
Dr Mark HaggerBibliographical Assistant2007
Dr Simon HarrattResearcher1997-2009
Dr Julian HoppitGeneral Editor1997-8
Dr Fleur RichardsResearcher2008
Peter SaltProject Editor1997-2009
Martin SteerWebsite Maintenance and Development Officer2008-9
Bernard VereWebsite Maintenance and Development Officer2001-2

Section editors for RHS Bibliography of British and Irish history (published online 2002-2009):

Prior to 2003, the new content added to the online edition was largely derived from the RHS Annual Bibliographies of British and Irish History. Section editors listed below with an asterisk also worked for the Annual Bibliographies.

EditorSection or other contributionYears
Ian Archer*England and Wales
Scotland before the Union

Trevor BurnardEmpire to 17832003-9
Antoine Capet*Britain since 19142003-9
David Crouch*England 1066-15002003-4
Alexander Grant*Scotland before the Union2003-4
Simon HarrattEmpire and Commonwealth post-17832003-4
Elisabeth Van HoutsEngland 1066-15002004-9
Stanley Ireland*Roman Britain2003-9
Alex MayEmpire and Commonwealth post-17832004-9
David Pratt*England 450-10662003-9
Kathryn Rix*Britain 1815-19142003-9
Karen StöberMedieval Wales2005-9
Rosemary Sweet*Britain 1714-18152003-9

Contributors to the RHS Annual Bibliographies of British and Irish history, 1975-2002:

In 2003, the RHS decided to cease publication of the printed Annual Bibliographies in order to concentrate resources on the online edition. Section editors listed below with an asterisk continued to work for the online edition.

EditorSection or other contributionYears
J.S.A. AdamsonEngland and Wales 1500-17141989-93
Ian Archer*England and Wales 1500-17141999-2002
Andrew AytonEngland 1066-15001990-3
R. Barker


Katharine F. BeedhamGeneral Editor1993
A. BennettBritain 1815-19141975-87
Jeremy M. BlackBritain 1714-18151988-91
H.V. BowenEmpire to 17831997-2002
R. BoyceBritain since 19141979-86
N. Brooks


A. Brown


Glenn BurgessEngland and Wales 1500-17141994-8
Antoine Capet*Britain since 19141999-2002
J.C.R. ChildsBritain 1714-18151984-7
J.R.R. Christie


David Crouch*England 1066-15002000-2
Bernadette CunninghamIreland since c.16401999-2002
Virginia DavisIreland to c.16401989-2002
C.C. EldridgeEmpire and Commonwealth post-17831989-2000
G.R. EltonGeneral Editor1975-84 (and Auxiliary material: 1985-9)
Barbara EnglishGeneral Editor1988-94
Austin GeeGeneral Editor1995-2002 (and Britain since 1914: 1996)
Alexander Grant*Scotland before the Union2001-2
Richard GorskiEngland 1066-15001995-9
R.A. GriffithsMedieval Wales1975-88
M.W.C. HassallRoman Britain1975-91
Julian HoppitBritain 1714-18151997
A.C. HoweBritain 1815-19141987-8, 1990-3 (and Britain since 1914: 1984-5)
Stanley Ireland*Roman Britain1993-2002
David JarvisBritain since 19141997-9
James KirkScotland before the Union1986-2000
D. Levy


G. Mac NiocaillIreland to c.16401975-88
J.S.H. MajorBritain since 19141987
D.A.L. MorganEngland 1066-15001975-84
J.S. MorrillEngland and Wales 1500-17141976-88
V.J. MorrisAuxiliary material1990-4
P.J. MurphyEmpire and Commonwealth post-17832001-2
Mary O'DowdIreland since c.16401988-94
D.J. OrtonAuxiliary material1990-4
D.M. PalliserGeneral Editor1985-7 (and England 1066-1500: 1985-90)
J.J.N. PalmerGeneral Editor1988-94 (and assistance with computerisation: 1986-7; Roman Britain: 1992; England 1066-1500: 1994)
Michael S. PartridgeBritain 1815-19141989-96
David Pratt*England 450-10662000-2
Huw PryceMedieval Wales1989-2002
T.I. Rae


Kathryn Rix*Britain 1815-19142001-2
D.W. RollasonEngland 450-10661985
A. Sargent


A.M. Smith


A.T.Q. StewartIreland since c.16401975-88
Rosemary Sweet*Britain 1714-18151998-2002
Miles TaylorBritain 1815-19141997-2000
Stephen TaylorBritain 1714-18151992-6
John TurnerBritain since 19141988-95
Sarah Ward-PerkinsIreland since c.16401995-8
C.A. WhatleyScotland before the Union1982-5
Ann WilliamsEngland 450-10661986-99
J.A. Woods


A.P. WoolrichHistory of technology2002
A.B. WordenEngland and Wales 1500-17141975


Contributors to the RHS Bibliography on CD-ROM (published 1998):

The creation of the Royal Historical Society Bibliography would have been impossible without the efforts of a large number of scholars. The list below identifies those who were involved in the project, identifying them by their institutional affiliation and status at the time of the appearance of the CD-ROM in 1998.

Members of the Executive Board

  • Dr John Morrill FBA (General Editor), Selwyn College, Cambridge
  • Dr Julian Hoppit (Executive Secretary), University College London
  • Ms Margaret Lantry (Edition Manager 1990-6), University College Cork
  • Dr David Jarvis (Edition Manager 1990-2), Emmanuel College, Cambridge
  • Mr Peter Salt (Edition Manager 1992-6), Institute of Historical Research
  • Dr David Cockburn (Assistant Edition Manager, 1995-6)

Members of the Editorial Board

  • Prof. F.M.L. Thompson FBA, Institute of Historical Research
  • Sir Keith Thomas FBA, Corpus Christi College, Oxford
  • Prof. H.C.G. Matthew FBA, St Hugh's College, Oxford
  • Prof. R.B. Dobson, Christ's College, Cambridge
  • Prof. John Ramsden, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London
  • Representatives of Oxford University Press

Volume Editors (co-opted members of the Editorial Board)

Volume 1 (pre-1050)

  • Dr Ian Wood, University of Leeds

    Volume 2 (1050-1500)

  • Prof. Ralph Griffiths, University of Wales, Swansea

    Volume 3 (1500-1700)

  • Prof. John Guy, University of St Andrews [Research Associate 1994-5: Dr Edith Bershadsky]
  • Prof. Linda Levy Peck, University of Rochester
  • Dr David Smith, Selwyn College, Cambridge

    Volume 4 (1700-1815)

  • Prof. W.A. Speck, University of Leeds
  • Prof. Harry Dickinson, University of Edinburgh

    Volume 5 (1815-1914)

  • Dr John Stevenson, Worcester College, Oxford [Assistant 1994-6: Dr Hannah Barker]
  • Prof. Michael Bentley, University of St Andrews

    Volume 6 (since 1914)

  • Prof. John Turner, Royal Holloway, London

    Volume 7 (Imperial, Colonial and Commonwealth History since 1600)

  • Prof. Andrew Porter, King's College London [Research Associate 1991-6: Dr Austin Gee]

Section Editors

Volume 1: pre-1050 Section Editors

  • Dr Nancy Edwards, University College of North Wales, Bangor
  • Dr Joyce Hill, University of Leeds
  • Dr Nicholas Hooper, Bradford Grammar School
  • Mr Andrew Lantry
  • Ms Margaret Lantry, University College, Cork
  • Dr Julian Richards, University of York
  • Dr Pauline A. Stafford, University of Huddersfield
  • Dr Jane Stevenson, University of Sheffield
  • Prof. Ian Wood, University of Leeds

Volume 2: 1050-1500 Section Editors

  • Mr Peter Asplin, Glasgow University Library
  • Dr Rowena Archer, Manchester College, Oxford
  • Prof. Art Cosgrove, University College Dublin
  • Dr Richard G. Davies, University of Manchester
  • Dr P.J.C. Field, University College of North Wales, Bangor
  • Dr Peter Fleming, University of the West of England at Bristol
  • Prof. R.A. Griffiths, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Dr Anthony Gross
  • Dr Helen Jewell, University of Liverpool
  • Dr John R. Kenyon, Librarian, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Phillip Lindley, University of Leicester
  • Mr Terry H. Lloyd, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Dr George Molland, University of Aberdeen
  • Mr David A.L. Morgan, University College London
  • Ms Johanna Procter, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Dr David Robinson, CADW: Welsh Historic Monuments
  • Prof. Joel T. Rosenthal, State University of New York at Stonybrook
  • Dr Norman Reid, Dept of Manuscripts, St Andrews University
  • Mr Adrian Wilmott, University of Wales, Swansea

Volume 3: 1500-1700 Section Editors

  • Dr Ian Archer, Keble College, Oxford
  • Dr Jonathan Barry, University of Exeter
  • Dr Edith Bershadsky, Goucher College, Baltimore
  • Dr Tom Connors, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
  • Prof. S.G. Ellis, University College, Galway
  • Prof. Mark Fissel, Ball State University
  • Dr Mark Goldie, Churchill College, Cambridge
  • Prof. John Guy, University of St Andrews
  • Prof. Barbara J. Harris, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • Dr Felicity Heal, Jesus College, Oxford
  • Prof. Michael Hunter, Birkbeck College, London
  • Prof. S.M. Jack, University of Sydney
  • Dr A.G. Keller, University of Leicester
  • Dr William Kelly, University of Ulster
  • Prof. John N. King, Ohio State University, Columbus
  • Prof. F.J. Levy, University of Washington, Seattle
  • Prof. Linda Levy Peck, University of Rochester and George Washington University
  • Prof. Wallace MacCaffrey, Trinity Hall, Cambridge
  • Dr John Morrill, Selwyn College, Cambridge
  • Dr Craig Muldrew, Wolfson College, Cambridge
  • Dr Virginia Murphy, University of Durham
  • Dr Jane Ohlmeyer, University of Aberdeen
  • Prof. W.R. Prest, University of Adelaide
  • Dr John Scally, National Library of Scotland
  • Prof. Malcolm Smuts, University of Massachusetts at Boston
  • Dr John Spurr, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Prof. David Stevenson, University of St Andrews
  • Ms Alison Wall, Christchurch, Oxford
  • Prof. Glanmor Williams
  • Dr Michael Zell, University of Greenwich

Volume 4: 1700-1815 Section Editors

  • Dr Michael Barfoot, Medical Archive Centre, University Library, University of Edinburgh
  • Prof. J.V. Beckett, University of Nottingham
  • Prof. John Childs, University of Leeds
  • Dr Tony Claydon, University College of North Wales, Bangor
  • Prof. Sean Connolly, The Queen's University, Belfast
  • Prof. H.T. Dickinson, University of Edinburgh
  • Ms Diana Douglas, University of Leeds
  • Prof. J.A. Downie, Goldsmiths College, London
  • Dr Austin Gee, Institute of Historical Research
  • Dr David Hayton, The Queen's University, Belfast
  • Dr Robert Harris, University of Dundee
  • Dr Julian Hoppit, University College London
  • Dr W.P. Kelly
  • Dr Deborah Kemmer, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Roger Knight, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
  • Prof. Bruce Lenman, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Emma Macleod , University of Stirling
  • Ms Barbara May, University of Leeds
  • Prof. Roy Porter, Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine
  • Revd Canon D.T.W. Price, St David's University College, Lampeter
  • Prof. J.G. Rule, University of Southampton
  • Mr Peter Salt, Institute of Historical Research
  • Prof. W.A. Speck, University of Leeds
  • Dr William Stafford, University of Huddersfield
  • Dr Stephen Taylor, University of Reading
  • Dr Adrian Wilson, University of Leeds
  • Dr David Wilkinson, History of Parliament Trust

Volume 5: 1815-1914 Section Editors

  • Dr Hannah Barker, University of Keele
  • Prof. Michael Bentley, University of St Andrews
  • Dr John Briggs, Keele University
  • Prof. Angus Buchanan, University of Bath
  • Prof. Muriel Chamberlain, University of Wales, Swansea
  • Mr Andrew Croll, University of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Colin Cunningham, Open University
  • Dr Michael Freeman, Worcester College, Oxford
  • Dr T.A. Jenkins, University of East Anglia
  • Dr Frances Knight, St David's University College, Lampeter
  • Dr Michael Lobban, Brunel University
  • Dr Alan O'Day, University of North London
  • Dr Jonathan Parry, Pembroke College, Cambridge
  • Prof. E.D. Steele, University of Leeds
  • Dr John Stevenson, Worcester College, Oxford
  • Prof. Hew Strachan, University of Glasgow
  • Dr Gillian Sutherland, Newnham College, Cambridge
  • Dr Neil Tranter, University of Stirling
  • Dr Alexis Weedon, University of Luton
  • Dr Paul Weindling, Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, University of Oxford
  • Ms Mari Williams, The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • Dr John Wolffe, The Open University

Volume 6: 1914+ Section Editors

  • Dr Ian Beckett, University of Luton
  • Prof. Kathleen Burk, University College London
  • Dr P. Dewey, Royal Holloway, London
  • Dr Michael Dockrill, King's College London
  • Dr Andrew Lambert, King's College London
  • Dr Stuart Mews, Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education
  • Prof. John Turner, Royal Holloway, London

Volume 7: Imperial and Commonwealth Section Editors

  • Prof. Judith Brown, Balliol College, Oxford
  • Prof. Peter Burroughs
  • Dr John Darwin, Nuffield College, Oxford
  • Dr Donald Denoon, The Australian National University, Canberra
  • Prof. D.W. Harkness, The Queen's University Belfast
  • Dr Gad Heuman, University of Warwick
  • Dr R.F. Holland, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London
  • Dr M.R.S. Lynn, The Queen's University Belfast
  • Prof. Stuart Macintyre, University of Melbourne
  • Dr D.A. McLean, King's College London
  • Prof. W. David McIntyre, Canterbury University, Christchurch
  • Prof. P.J. Marshall, King's College London
  • Prof. A.N. Porter, King's College London
  • Prof. D.M. Schreuder, University of Western Sydney
  • Dr Simon Smith, Royal Holloway, London
  • Dr O.H.K. Spate, Australian National University, Canberra
  • Prof. Ian K. Steele, University of Western Ontario
  • Dr A.J. Stockwell, Royal Holloway, London
  • Dr Luke Trainor, Canterbury University, Christchurch
  • Prof. Glyn Williams, Queen Mary and Westfield College, London