Partner projects

BBIH and its predecessor, the Royal Historical Society Bibliography, have cooperated with a number of other projects in order to expand the Bibliography's coverage.  At the same time, partner projects' data has been made accessible through an interface with which most scholars in the field will be familiar.

Irish History Online

Irish History Online was established by means of a projects grant from the Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (2003-6) with the aim of producing an online version of Writings on Irish History, listing publications on Irish history from 1936 onwards and previously published in print and microfiche. A second projects grant from the IRCHSS (2006-9) enabled the project to enhance its coverage of 'the Irish abroad' and to keep all the material updated. Both phases were based at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. The editorial and inputting team that worked on the first phase of the project were Anthony McCormack and Mary Murray. The second phase was edited by Frank Cullen, with some part-time assistance from Mary Murray. For the duration of the whole project, the compilers, who work on an essentially voluntary basis, have been Máirín Cassidy and Ciaran Nicholson. Those involved as associate investigators have been Ian Archer, Bernadette Cunningham, Mary O'Dowd, Patrick Fitzgerald, Kerby Miller, Peter Solar and Thomas O'Connor. In addition to the editors, compilers and Dublin-based investigators, James McGuire also served on the editorial committee during phase 1 of the project. We are grateful to all for their invaluable input, as well as to Peter Salt and Simon Baker of the Royal Historical Society Bibliography team for their visits to NUI Maynooth to help get the project running smoothly.

IHO formed from 2004 to 2009 the Irish component of the RHS Bibliography of British and Irish History. Its data were designed to complement, and could be searched seamlessly with, the records on Irish history compiled by the RHS Bibliography, giving a total of nearly 70,000 fully searchable bibliographical records relating to Irish history by late 2009.

Following the expiry of its second phase of funding, IHO has relocated to the Royal Irish Academy, where it will be kept up to date by volunteer editors and compilers, remaining free to users. However, all the data relating to Irish history accumulated by the first and second IHO projects and the RHS Bibliography will be included both in the new IHO and in BBIH, and the two projects hope to continue to co-operate in record collection.

Jacqueline Hill
Principal Investigator,
Irish History Online,
Department of History,
NUI, Maynooth.

London's Past Online

The London's Past Online project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Resource Enhancement Scheme (award no. RE/AN8717/APN13604) between 2002 and 2004 to create a fully searchable, online bibliography of published material relating to the history of Greater London. The project was managed by David Tomkins (Research Editor) and Eileen Sanderson (Assistant Research Editor), working under the general editorship of Heather Creaton, former Deputy Director of the Centre for Metropolitan History at the Institute of Historical Research.

Core data for the project was taken from Heather Creaton's Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939 (London: Library Association Publishing Ltd, 1994) and its unpublished supplement, and the bibliography from her Sources for the History of London, 1939-45 (London, British Records Association, 1998). From the beginning the project was closely linked with work on the RHS Bibliography: the records were edited as necessary and the subject and person details were mapped to correspond with the RHS Bibliography’s controlled vocabulary indexes. Relevant books, articles, theses and conference papers that had appeared since the publication of Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939 and Sources for the History of London, 1939-45 were identified and added, and the historical coverage extended to the present day.

In 2005-6 generous additional funding from the Mercers' Company and the Goldsmiths' Company enabled the incorporation of archaeological references from the Bibliography of the Archaeology of Greater London (BAGL), with the exception of minutes of archaeological bodies and reports of visits. This material provides a significant additional dimension to the coverage of the capital’s past.

The data, which ultimately comprised 31,000 records, first went online towards the end of 2002 and could be searched in combination with relevant RHS Bibliography records that had been tagged as relating to London, giving an overall total of 42,000 records on London history by late 2009. BBIH, as the successor to the RHS Bibliography, incorporates all this London material.

More about the project can be found at London's Past Online's own page.

Prof. Matthew Davies
Centre for Metropolitan History
Institute of Historical Research

Scottish Historical Review Trust

Since late 2006 the Bibliography has worked with teams operating under the auspices of the Scottish Historical Review Trust which have taken over the editing of the primarily Scottish titles contained in the Bibliography, and which generate some of the new titles on Scottish history. Initially this work was carried out at Stirling University, but it was taken over by a team at St Andrews University in November 2008. This co-operation with the Scottish Historical Review Trust has enhanced the coverage of Scottish history in the Bibliography, as well as providing a richer, more user-friendly and more frequently updated bibliography of Scottish history than that previously available in the Scottish Historical Review's printed lists of new articles. Data compiled by the Scottish Historical Review Trust can be searched seamlessly with the data generated by the RHS/IHR project.